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Northeasttours.in include large number of Tour Packages like: Summer Vacation, Honeymoon, Adventure, Pilgrimage, Holiday, Trips, Weekend packages which includes different conveniences like transportation, accommodation, food, sightseeing and many more. Packages make your trip more relaxed & convenient. It makes you free from all tensions like where and how to go. Tour operators provide different opportunities for their clients depending upon the days they want to spend such as 2N/3D, 3ND/4D, 7N/8D and many more. They also afford packages with the whole city like Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal, Kathmandu, Kalimpong, Bhutan and many more.

North East Tours is one the world's leading Tours and travel Company. North East Tours is specializes in group tours, Holiday, Honeymoon, Tour Packages and Hotels across the India. These tours can also be booked through the Internet, given that hoteliers, travel agents, tour operators and corporate with greater expediency and flexibility. North East Tours Travel world has many firsts to its credit and has always been an innovator in the travel industry. North East Tours species of services includes daily sightseeing tours, multi-lingual tours, overnight package tours, airport transfers, charters, customized tours, and meeting convention services.

<u><i>For the well-located of the visitors, tour packages are divided as:</i></u>
* Holiday Tour Packages: Find your principle North East Tours holiday & tour package, honeymoon destinations, Hotels for a spacious range of exciting destinations transversely the world. From promontory Town to Amsterdam, Manila to Los Angeles, the world is yours to see the sights North East Tours are always a outstanding idea when want to bystander different cultures and lifestyles from corner to corner the world.

* Travel Package: - A Tour Package consists of transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by a vendor known as a tour operator. Other services may be provided like a car Rental, activities or outings during the holiday. if you need more information click on it.

* Vacation Tour Packages: - In summers, people starts looking for a place to thwart them from unbearable heat and the warm blowing air. It is the time when students are free from their school. Northeast tours provide concession offers during summer. We offer river rafting, trekking, mountain, fishing, river rafting, etc.
* Honeymoon Tour Packages:- Northeasttours.in let newlywed couples to enjoy the sheer moments of love in the heavenly beauty of the nature that are so refreshing, charming and inspiring that envelope the heart of the newlyweds with joy and happiness.

* Adventure Tour Packages: We Provide North East adventure tour which is the perfect pills for all those human hearts, which have a burning desire for thrill & adventures. These packages are more common for the adventure and nature loving persons like students, camps and for many more.
* Pilgrimage Tour Packages: We offer North East pilgrimage tour packages to famous religious centers, holy places and spiritual sites all over the world that are considered to be the sacred monuments which are widely liked by the travelers. We provide the devotees with effective support services to make their pilgrimage a comfortable one.

Thus, there are numerous packages with different offers or discounts included. They provide you the best hotels, car/taxi facilities Tours to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Bhutan, Bangkok and any more. It includes large rang packages are:-
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Northeasttours.in is leading Tour & Travel Packages that provides online information about Tourist Places, Star Properties Hotels in Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal, Kathmandu, Kalimpong, Bhutan Tour Packages, Travel Packages, Tourism, Tourist Destinations.
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Menurut riset yang dimana terlansir di  care2.com, bahwa kebanyakan orang memakan atau mengkonsumsi 15 gram serat setiap harinya. jumlah tersebut tidak sesuai dengan serat yang disarankan tiap harinya yakni 40 gram, serat ini memiliki fungsi yang banyak, salah satunya yaitu membantu melancarkan dalam sistem pencernaan. Berikut ini ciri-ciri tubuh yang kurang serat agarpac, diantaranya :

1. Kolesterol tinggi
Kurangnya serat dapat meningkatkan jumlah kolesterol jahat ke dalam tubuh. Karena fungsi serat salah satunya yaitu menyerap zat berbahayayang mengakibatkan kolesterol jahat. Sebuah riset yang dilansir dari American Journal of Clinical Nutrition menyatakan bahwa asupan tinggi serat larut dikaitkan dengan penurunan yang signifikan dalam kolesterol total dan LDL hingga 60-70%.


2. Kenaikan berat badan
Serat juga dapat membuat perut merasa kenyang lebih lama. Itulah yang menyebabkan memakan roti gandum membuat Anda cepat kenyang. Maka sebab itu,  ketika Anda merasa timbangan atau berat badan anda naik, maka bisa dikatakan Anda kekurangan serat.

3. Selalu merasa lapar
Selain dapat membuat kenyang lebih lama, serat juga dapat membuat anda sering terasa lapar, sehingga berat badan anda menjadi naik.

4. Sulit buang air besar
Apabila anda Kekurangan serat maka siste pencernaan anda bergerak lebih lambat. Maka  sembelit kronis dapat  terjadi pada tubuh Anda , khususnya kekurangan serat larut yang dapat mendorong pergerakan usus.
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