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Whether you are expecting the arrival of your very first baby or are collecting supplies in anticipation of a grandchild, you are probably getting prepared for the changes that will soon be coming into your life. Most parents worry about losing their ability to get up and go whenever and wherever they want on a moment's notice, but with the Graco Quattro Tour Travel System there is absolutely nothing to worry about! Bringing a baby into the family is a beautiful thing, but it should never slow you down.

From infanthood into toddlerhood, this is the only stroller you will ever need to purchase. It comes with three coordinating pieces: the stroller with a strong aluminum frame, a SnugRide32 infant car seat, and an adjustable base which remains in your car. Together, the system allows you to move your baby in seconds from the car to the stroller and back again. This completely eliminates the hassle of removing the baby from the seat!

It takes only seconds to move your little one from the car to wherever you are going with ease and speed. In addition, the Graco Quattro Tour Travel System will hold up to fifty pounds, making this a system that will truly grow with your child into their toddler years. The stroller seat can also fold down completely to allow for napping, in addition to riding sitting up and taking in all the sights. The infant car seat is equipped with the recommended five point harness, and it can snap into the stroller in a rear facing position so as you go for your walk you can enjoy having eye contact with your little one. For added convenience, there are also built-in cup holders and a handy storage compartment.

It is heavier than many other strollers available, and there will be some people who so not care for that feature. However, this is a common complaint with many full sized travel systems, so it is one you may have to deal with regardless of the brand you choose. Most people find the many benefits of the travel system outweigh the inconvenience of the unit weighing a little more. And since the stroller can still be folded with one hand, many parents find that the weight is not such a problem, after all.

The Graco Quattro Tour Travel System is available in a vast array of color combinations and types, each having their own unique qualities. You can even buy a Sport model that fits parents leading more busy lifestyles. These are made to provide parents with the extemporaneity required for surviving their day, as well as instilling a sense of contemporary style that parents value. As a parent you will not have to bother your slumbering child just so you can carry them into a mall, and you need not fret over bolstering your baby up in a stroller that they are not big enough for. This will get rid of some of the most significant problems that living with a baby usually brings about. You will definitely need a travel system if you lead a busy life and are expecting the arrival of a new baby.

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